A/Prof Weranja Ranasinghe

Associate Professor Weranja
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OVEr 60 magazine

Dr Ranasinghe was interviewed by Over 60

Push to increase prostate cancer testing

Dr Ranasinghe was interviewed by Sky News (April 2024).

Australian woman first outside US to trial new cancer treatment

Assoc Professor Weranja Ranasinghe on ABC News

Current PSA guidelines aren’t fit for purpose

Plenty has changed since prostate cancer screening guidelines were released nearly a decade ago.

Australian-first JELMYTO treatment in Australia successful

“Three weeks after the last treatment, tests confirmed there was no cancer in the kidney…”

A/Prof Weranja speaks about early detection of prostate cancer'

Assoc Professor Weranja Ranasinghe in Oncology Republic

US protocol a life-saver

Assoc Professor Weranja Ranasinghe in The Herald Sun.

New treatment pathway offers more opportunities for bladder cancer patients

A new treatment pathway to give patients a fighting chance against bladder cancer has been developed at Monash Health. 

Online Support Groups & Psychological Morbidity in Prostate Cancer

Among men with prostate cancer, studies have shown a high prevalence of depression and anxiety. 

About A/Prof Weranja Ranasinghe

As an experienced Australian-trained urologist and uro-oncologist, Assoc Professor Weranja Ranasinghe provides urology & uro-oncology services, and robotic surgery to all his patients in the greater Melbourne area. He is well-known and recognised for his work in urologic cancers, especially aggressive prostate cancers.